Models from model agency "Images of Russia" ™
Model agency, school of models. Since 1992
Professional model school, organized by modeling agency "Images of Russia"™
The main attention is paid to the school one question - how to become a professional model. For this career should be treated seriously and thoroughly prepared for it. Profession models outsider seems so festive, exciting, that beginners do not even know how they will work. Nevertheless, the profession of a model in the world is one of the most prestigious and well-paid.
To demonstrate clothes for photographing any publications, video shooting commercials were at a good level, the need for training models. After all, in the end, as will advertise a particular product, so he will be sold.
Methods of teaching in the school model is designed so that students can maximize reveal their identity, not imitating eminent top model, gaining a lot of confidence in their abilities.
Photos of students and graduates of professional model school "Images of Russia"™ can be seen on the covers and in the gallery "20 hits" "Images of Russia"™ and under the heading "Success Story" and "News" you can find out what projects they have been involved.
And if you really decided to master this very creative and exciting profession, then:
Welcome to the world of professional models!

Participation in projects:

Magazine "Images of Russia"™
Fashion Theatre "Images of Russia"™
Calendars and posters "Images of Russia"™
Contest "Top Model  "Images of Russia""™
SHOWROOM Fashion events"
The traveling photo exhibition "Images of Russia" ™
Photo advertising
Video advertising

New Year's Models Show

Spring Models Show
International Competition for fashion designers "Couturier of the Year"
International Fashion Assembly


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